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Mylands Black Fire Retardant Emulsion 5L

Mylands Black Fire Retardant Emulsion 5L
Mylands Black Fire Retardant Emulsion 5L
Mylands Black Fire Retardant Emulsion 5L
Mylands Black Fire Retardant Emulsion 5L
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1. A client has a right to exchange delivered goods to analogous goods of different size, form, color, model or complexity or to return goods he dislikes.

2. This right can be exercised in 14 days from the moment of transferring goods (it is counted from the moment when a client or his representative signs a delivery document). This right is related to a fact that a client is unsatisfied with the size, from, color, model or appropriate complexity of goods.

3. An exchange or return are possible only when exchanged or returned goods meet these requirements:

a) were not used;

b) were not spoilt or damaged;

c) consumption and usage functions were preserved;

d) marketable appearance was preserved;

e) were not listed in 5th part of this section.

Alterations of packages needed to examine goods are not considered to be damage or lost of marketable appearance. In all cases goods must be returned in original package including attached or manufacturers’ labels and stickers. A client must present purchase documents when returning goods.

4. Certain types of goods cannot be returned or exchanged except cases when they have obvious manufacturing defects. These goods include:

a) watches and jewelry;

b) perfumes and cosmetics;

c) underwear and clothes for kids.

5. In order to return goods an e-mail request should be sent to: Every case is carried out individually.

6. Goods can be exchanged or returned only in case when they meet the requirements named in the 3rd part of this section. A sum paid for ordered goods is refunded not later than 14 days from the moment receives returned goods. A sum spent for delivery of goods is non-refundable.

Mylands Black Fire Retardant Emulsion 5L
Ex Tax: €95.00
  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Brand: Myland
  • Model: MYL023

A waterbased acrylic emulsion matt paint for interior use.
A good quality, high obliteration, fire retardant paint especially formulated for theatre and studio use.
This paint complies with flame retardant standard BS476 part 6 and 7 Class 1 and 0.


Excellent coverage properties
Fast drying
Environmentally friendly
Low odour


Before use clean surfaces to be painted ensuring any grease, dirt or flakes are removed.
Do not use in extremes of temperature.
Use between 8ºC and 30ºC.
Stir well before use.
Coverage 10-12 square metres per litre.
This product is formulated for brush or roller application.


If necessary to thin, water should be used up to 10%


Wash brushes/rollers immediately after use, in warm water containing a little detergent.


This product must be protected from frost.
Store at temperature above 5°C.

Color Black
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