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Brand: Gerriets
The new VARIO PRO 1.2 is dimension-stabile dance floor, thanks to its new type of glass fibre inlay. There are no edge or „belly waves” and no thermal shrinking or expansion problems. VARIO PRO 1.2 can be used on both sides, has a matt surface, is hard-wearing and durable. &bull..
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Brand: Gerriets
This cleaner is suitable for all GERRIETS projection screens and PVC dance floors. Kit contains: 1 litre of cleaner 40 x 40 cm microfibre cloth   Ecologically tested universal cleaner! The universal cleaner is used to clean stubborn oil and grease stains, general dirt crus..
Ex Tax:€41.90
Tape applicator GaffGun™ Pro bundle   FAST: No faster way to tape cables SAFE: Decreases liability and costly accidents EASY: Reduces effort, pain and trouble CLEAN: Keeps cables neat and organized DURABLE: Designed and Built to Last. The GaffGun is hand-built to the highest standar..
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Brand: Bio-Circle
Hand cleansing cream accessories for 3L capacity: Wall-mounted bracket Dispenser   It is possible to purchase the whole set at once or separately...
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Brand: Bio-Circle
The Hand Cleaning Cream removes even dried contaminations. In addition, it is gentle on the skin because the nourishing coconut fat components provide for a pleasant skin feeling after cleaning.   REMOVES persistent contaminations, such as oil, grease, and soot FREE from microplastic..
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Brand: Bio-Circle
UNO S V has been developed with the special requirements on a cleaner for the cleaning of vertical and sloping surfaces in mind. Its viscosity facilitates its use on work pieces where conventional cleaners would just flow off. UNO S V forms a gel-like film that adheres to the surface, thus facilitat..
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Brand: Bio-Circle
The highly concentrated biological general purpose cleaner powerfully removes contaminations of all kinds and can be used on a huge variety of materials. The all-rounder removes widely varying contaminations, such as oil, soot, ink or bitumen- and tar spatter, from surfaces like e.g. metal, plastics..
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Brand: Bio-Circle
The powerful cleaner with active foam works extra hard on limescale residues. The cleaning effect is also evident on metal tarnishing, rust, light oils and greases. The limescale remover can therefore also be used flexibly in the industry.   REMOVES limescale, urine scale, soap residue..
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Brand: Bio-Circle
Fast drying, surfactant-free cleaner for removing grease residues, fingerprints and stains from all glossy and matte surfaces. Does not leave streaks! The multi-surface cleaner can be used in the home or office. The innovative formula solves the daily cleaning of dirt and ensures a radiant shine...
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Brand: Bio-Circle
New Fresh Air eliminates unpleasant odours immediately. Foul smells are removed at once and in the long term, with the aid of microorganisms.    Eliminates unpleasant smells  Odour annihilation by means of microorganisms  Also acts pre-emptively  No labelling ..
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Brand: Bio-Circle
Power Cleaner 200 is a highly efficient, phosphate- and solvent-free intensive cleaning concentrate on the basis of cleansing substances. With its penetration effect, it removes mineral contaminations, such as rust, limescale, and urine scale, from surfaces. Brass-, copper-, aluminium-, and iron tar..
Ex Tax:€10.10
Brand: Bio-Circle
Hygienically clean surfaces and carefree working! The VIRAL CLEANERs are surfactant cleaners with 2-step action (cleaning + degreasing) and restore the hygienic cleanliness of the surfaces – and your safety! For the outer shell (the lipid membrane) of the coronavirus can be dissolved by ..
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