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HAND DISINFECTION GEL ANTISEPT D (500ml bottle with dispenser)

HAND DISINFECTION GEL ANTISEPT D (500ml bottle with dispenser)
HAND DISINFECTION GEL ANTISEPT D (500ml bottle with dispenser)
HAND DISINFECTION GEL ANTISEPT D (500ml bottle with dispenser)
HAND DISINFECTION GEL ANTISEPT D (500ml bottle with dispenser)
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HAND DISINFECTION GEL ANTISEPT D (500ml bottle with dispenser)
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Hand disinfection gel with natural lavender essential oil.

Contains 80% ethyl alcohol.


Hand disinfectant gel is designed to clean and disinfect hands when it is not possible to wash them with soap and water. The components have natural moisturizing properties, protect the skin of the hands, nourish it and prevent the skin from drying out.


Used according to the instructions effective against the group of enveloped (lipophilic) viruses, which also includes SARS-CoV_2 (2019_nCoV or COVID-19) virus.


With natural lavender essential oil.


Instructions for use: add a few drops (3 ml) to the palm of your hand and massage gently until you feel the product is completely absorbed. Do not use on damaged skin, mucous membranes, lips, intimate areas and around the eyes. For external use only.


Personal care disinfectant (1 product types). For hygienic hand disinfection in personal health care institutions, public facilities, food industry and public catering facilities and in the household. Read the instructions for use and safety data sheet before use.


Authorization of a biocidal product No. (10-14 17.5E)BPR-572(A-01VNO603672-20-301)



Bio-Chem NSF
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